system_blue exhibited in Bern


I’m very excited to announce that «system_blue», a Flash game I’ve been developing with LerNetz for their client SDC (the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation) has recently been completed and will be exhibited during the next days at the Bundesplatz in Bern.

The game puts you in the position of a manager, taking care of watering systems, which supply farms, homes and factories with water pumped from a river nearby. By rotating valves and, thus, directing the water flow through the pipes, it is your task to assure all involved parties get their fair share of the precious liquid. Not an easy assignment, since with every level the blue system grows more complex and challenging as you try to keep the water tanks from flowing over or running dry.

«system_blue» has been a very fun game to make where the most challenging part was to figure out how to connect and disconnect the pipes correctly so the water would find it’s way to the tanks. The game came with a full fledged editor, which would allow to assemble new levels via drag and drop and instantly test them on the click of a button. While I was in charge of programming both applications, Christoph Frei delivered the graphical content, which makes this game such an extraordinary visual experience and even more fun to play.

The «system_blue» road show

Altough the game has been created for the web – where it will end up eventually – it will spend another few weeks offline, exhibited during four street events the SDC has arranged all over Switzerland: A prototype has been displayed at the first event in Geneva back in April and, now, the next event showing the completed, polished game for the first time is right around the corner: From tomorrow, you’ll be able to play «system_blue» for three full days at the Bundesplatz in Bern, where the SDC has put up their exhibition tents. If you have the time and live somewhere near Bern, I recommend you take the opportunity and check it out, since with upcoming street events in late June in Bellinzona and mid October in Basel it may still take some time until the game will be available on the web.

So, go to the Bundesplatz, tomorrow, check out «system_blue» and let me know what you think! And to all the others who live a little further off: I’ll keep you posted with the details as soon as I get word about this baby’s web launch. Stay tuned!