Speaking at gotoAndSki(‘Switzerland’)


Since gotoAndSki(‘Switzerland’) is only a week away, it’s about time I blogged about the talk I’ll be doing. I’m really looking forward to this unique type of event, since I love the idea of a bunch of geeks huddling up in the mountains, enjoying the snow and some decent Flash talk. Plus, it’ll give me a chance to visit Switzerland again and meet up with a bunch of good friends I’ve been missing ever since I moved away. So here’s what I’m gonna talk about in my presentation called:

Hot Wireless Data Fudge

2010 was jam-packed with amazing news and updates around the Flash Platform. But one of the topics that struck me most was how to exchange data locally over WLAN between an AIR application running on a desktop computer and one running on a mobile device without using the internet and/or any additional services such as Adobe Stratus/Cirrus.

Starting out with some rather unsatisfying peer-to-peer experiments I ended up with a more stable and sophisticated solution that would even deliver the speed needed to control elements in fairly fast paced games. Where the road started, where it took me and what I found out about the pros and cons of the various solutions that have emerged on the Web in the meantime, I’ll share in this talk.

And since I do not expect this topic to fill up a whole hour, I plan to show some things I’ve been recently working on, such as implementing lip sychnronisation in AS3 and my “Small Flash Myst Engine” (that’ll be something gamey).

There, I hope that’ll give us some topics to discuss and talk about. I’m really looking forward to see many new and well known faces again next week. I’ll just be great.