It had to turn 2011 for this one to become reality: I finally managed to relaunch my blog. How hard can it be to load up the software and browse for a theme that looks half good? Apparently: very. I just didn’t find the point in time and most importantly I couldn’t give it the priority needed to sit down and simply work it out. There was always something that had to be done first. Isn’t there always?

Looking back, it seems rediculous: it just took me about an hour to backup my old blog and load this one on the server, browse through the admin section and check or uncheck a couple of boxes. Sure, the theme doesn’t really match the one of my new website, yet, but so what? That’s something I now allow myself to assume every future visitor of this blog can live with until the day I’ll find time for update the design. The content is all that counts, right?

So, sometimes things seem way harder than they actually are, especially, if you tend to be a perfectionist like I am, they do. But once you get started, you may be surprised how easy and fast you’re getting along and all of a sudden you may find the work you’ve been expecting to be so utterly time consuming has just been done in a flash.

Let me start my new blog with this truth in mind as I invite you to join me on my journey through game and application design and development with and without Flash on a brand new, fresh and clean WordPress setup.